Since ancient times, the flowers have been attracting people's attention with their forms, scents and colours. They have been completing our lives with their beauty, but they have also been stimulating the imagination which has assigned numerous meanings and symbolism to them. Therefore, the language of flowers is considered the ideal means of communication for a discrete expressing of feelings.

Although there are no strict rules in this respect, when choosing the flowers for the deceased one should bear in mind the message we want to convey. In so doing, we can follow the local generally accepted traditions, such as flower arrangements made out of white flowers which are suitable for the ones who died at young age or children; with pink being associated with middle age women, anthuriums with men; bright red roses symbolise love; lilies talk about eternal life and immortality... Another option is to choose the favourite flowers of the person we must say goodbye to and to bid a final farewell in this way.

We can also express our affiliation to the deceased or respect towards him or her with flowers arranged in various forms, such as heart, Croatian red and white checkered emblem, cross etc.

We at Pokop (eng. Burial) can realise all your ideas and wishes related to the selection of flowers and their arrangement, and perform the delivery and place all the cemetery flower arrangements, such as: wreaths, arrangements, bouquets, as well as petals of the flowers which are symbolically thrown into the grave as a symbol of bidding a final farewell to the deceased.

Our photo gallery contains only some of the flower creations we offer. For all the other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Our online store offer is intended primarily for those who are not able to go to the florist shop or to the candle shop for whatever reason, but wish to make the moments, anniversaries or the final farewell memorable. We believe that our flower creations and commemorative candles will help you to express your feelings in an appropriate way.