Memorial cards and thank you notes

If you think for a moment about the meaning of the deceased in your life, and in the life of the others as well, you will remember his or her beautiful character traits, business and personal achievements, as well as unique events which would not have been the same without him or her. Usually, just one small detail such as smile or look is enough to recall all the kindness, love and friendship this person has enriched our life with.

Memorial cards and thank you notes are a permanent reminder of the persons who are not among us anymore and of the mark they have left in our life. It is you who create them by choosing the photograph and the accompanying text, commemorative verse or quote that will describe the deceased you have parted from for good in the best way.

It is nice to give such a permanent memory to everyone who knew him or her, while the memorial thank you notes are intended for those who stood by your side in the worst of times. You can hand them personally at the funeral, post-funeral reception, commemoration or memorial service, or you can keep them at home in order to hand them to friends and acquaintances who come to express their condolences after the funeral. Due to their practical format, it is possible to send them also by post to those who were not able to attend the funeral.

We offer a wide selection of memorial cards and thank you notes. Select the one which reflects the personality of the deceased in the best way possible, add one or more photos and text.