Transport of the deceased

Upon the occurrence of death, emotions start pouring out one after the other. And as soon as we have received the sad news which we find hard to believe, we are faced with numerous questions as to the arrangement of the final farewell. However, first of all, the body of the deceased, that is his or her remains are to be transported to a designated place.

In case the deceased had died at his or hers, or your home, POKOP company will take care that the remnants are transported to the morgue in our funeral vehicles which can be either standard or exclusive. We can also offer you the same type of service should death occur at a hospital, elderly care nursing home or similar health care institution, as well as in case the deceased needs to be transported to the final resting place,regardless of where it is located.

We will transport the body of the deceased or his or her remains as soon as possible to a desired location, in Croatia or abroad, even if this requires the utilisation of an airline or a shipping agent.
Our long-term tradition and international experience, as well as having a subsidiary in the vicinity of the International airport Franjo Tuđman Zagreb (cro. Međunarodna zračna luka Franjo Tuđman Zagreb), enable us to assume even the most demanding tasks and to perform them in accordance with the highest standards of the undertaking profession. POKOP company will also arrange for you the transport of the urn with the ashes of the deceased, and in special cases and according to your instructions, we will also use the delivery service.

It is worth mentioning that the transport of the deceased is available every day non-stop, which confirms again that we are the biggest and the most reliable company not only in Croatia, but in the region as well. Therefore, please feel free to contact us – CONTACT, you will fin all the information you need concerning the arrangement of the funeral or the final farewell on our website.

Exclusive transport

Standard transport