Announcements in the newspapers

Death Announcement

After death sets on and all the details about the time and place of the funeral service and a funeral mass are agreed upon, it is a common practice to publish an announcement of this sad event in one or more daily newspapers in order to share it with the wider community. A death announcement will also serve as an invitation for all the ones who knew the deceased to attend the funeral, final farewell or other funeral religious ceremony, that is it will introduce friends and acquaintances to special wishes of the family or the deceased, if there are any (for example, that the burial is arranged solely for the closest family members, that money instead of being spent on flowers is donated to some charity organisation, that the burial has already taken place or similar). The death announcement can also be published in the newspapers by the company at which the deceased had worked, as well as the association to which they belonged. In order to facilitate the identification, photos should be included, as well.

Final Farewell Note

A final farewell is a more personal way of saying goodbye to our beloved as it enables us to talk about our relationship with the deceased in a unique way. The content of the final farewell service is fully arbitrary and it may be enriched with an appropriate quote or verse.

Obituary Thank-You Note

Within a month after the loss, it is appropriate to express our gratitude to everyone who sent their condolences, attended the funeral or the final farewell ceremony or helped in any way in those sad moments, by publishing an obituary Thank-You note in the daily newspaper. The Thank-You Note can also refer to those who have taken special care of the deceased, such as medical personnel, nurses or nursing home personnel.


The remembrance of the life of our beloved one we have lost is commemorated on their birthday, death anniversary or on some other important date by publishing a Memorial in the Obituaries section of a newspaper. The Memorial usually consists of a short text and photos of the deceased.

Your Death Announcements, Final Farewell Notes, Thank-You Notes and Memorials can be published in daily newspapers (other newspapers upon request) the following day: