Music for funeral services

Music has always been a medium though which one can express human feelings in the best way possible. It exists in every culture, it follows one through his life, and it is an essential part of religious ceremonies. Due to its beneficial effect onto the ones who listen to it, it is used even for therapeutic purposes.

Music is there when we are happy, in love, but also when we are sad. Sometimes it is just a backdro completing the overall impression, while on othr occasions it is the very music which is responsible for the creation of the desired atmosphere. Music can marry with us, but it also comforts us and encourages us.

As an integral part of our life, it is associated with various moments and persons. Music will take us back in time, and into some old times, dear to us or remember the one who is not with us anymore. Music speaks a universal language which everyone can understand. Therefore, it becomes essential when words stick in one's throat, upon bidding a final farewell to our recent family member or friend, when there are so many things we wish to say, but we cannot.

In such moments it is best to rely on music.

There are numerous possibilities, as well as the souls that have been leaving this world. For each of them at least one song or melody has been written.

Depending on the atmosphere in which you wish to say goodbye to your dear one, the selected songs or compositions can be performed by a choir or a professional wind orchestra. If you are not convinced about your choice, let us recommend you something from their wide repertoire which includes both secular and religious compositions and marches, and we can also provide for you the services of vocal soloists, quartets, traditional Dalmatian a cappella choirs (cro. "klape"), duets, sopranos, chamber choirs, traditional music, string quartet, tambourine vocal and instrumental ensamble, electric piano, instrumental duets, oboe, harph, trumpet, guitar and violin soloists for all the ones who wish to add a personal touch to the final farewell or funeral service they arrange.

  • Vocal ensamble (choir)
  • Wind orchestra (wind ensamble)
  • Trumpet
  • Vocal soloist
  • Quartet
  • Traditional Dalmatian a cappella choir (cro. "klapa")
  • Duet
  • Soprano
  • Chamber choir
  • String quartet
  • Oboe
  • Harph
  • Guitar
  • Violin