Dressing and make-up

After the body of the deceased is prepared, it is clothed in the chosen clothes and the procedure of embellishing, including shaving, hair care and make-up, takes place. All of these activities are performed by our employees who will, in case you are not able to prepare the clothes and shoes by yourself, purchase the clothing for the deceased and dress him or her in the most appropriate attire, according to your instructions. If you want professionals to participate in the process of embellishing the deceased, we will provide a cosmetologist, chiropodist, hairdresser or make-up artist, upon your request.

The goal of embellishing the deceased is to achieve the most natural appearance for the purposes of the photo shooting, on-stage presentations or for the final farewell from family and friends. For this purpose, the lips and cheeks get their freshness back and minor shortcomings are covered. We try to keep the most relaxed facial expression and also achieve the most authentic colour complexion. Short hair is treated with gels and oils while hairspray is used for longer hair.

In the West, it is usual for men to be buried in a suit, with or without a tie, while for women, the most common choice is a jacket with a skirt or trousers. In the last few years, many opt for less official attire, one that the deceased has worn every day or their favourite piece of clothing. The clothing of the deceased may reflect their occupation, which is often the case with military personnel and almost a rule with priests, monks and nuns. Regarding underwear, the most common practice is to have the deceased wear what they have worn during their life. In special cases, we will recommend a certain type of clothes; for example, after an autopsy, when there is a convenient selection of high collar shirts that hide the cuts. Many will opt for special post-mortem suits that facilitate dressing. Regardless of the appearance and type of clothing, it is a nice custom to put a few personal details, such as religious symbols, inscriptions, objects, visit cards or photos of loved ones into the hands or pockets of the deceased.

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