A Funeral or a Final Farewell

According to tradition, bidding a final farewell to the deceased and his or her departure into the afterlife is arranged as a funeral or final farewell, according to religious or local customs.

A FUNERAL or BURIAL is a ceremony for burying the deceased into a grave or a tomb, in a casket or in an urn, while a FINAL FAREWELL is the act of placing the dead body into the grave or tomb, in a casket or an urn. When we talk about the FINAL FAREWELL, we do not bury the deceased at the cemetery in the town in which he or she died, but at some other place. Following an arranged final farewell, the closest family members, as well as those who wish to, go to the grave of the final resting place of the deceased. A FINAL FAREWELL can take place in the Crematorium, as well, where we say goodbye to the deceased before or after cremation, depending on the wishes of the deceased, that is of his or her family.

The FUNERAL and FINAL FAREWELL of military officers follow a special protocol.

When thinking about the moment in which we will bid our final farewell to someone, the most important thing is to remember his or her personality and uniqueness, and try to honour him or her by expressing one's gratitude for everything that he or she has done to enrich your life. Each funeral ceremony should remind you of the time spent with this person, and express this very unique relationship that used to connect you, which can be done by a range of additional services, such as the appropriate selection of music, reading of farewell speech, reciting poetry or throwing flower petals. Such expressions of your love , respect, gratitude and closeness will enrich each funeral of final farewell ceremony, whether it is a religious service having its own rules or a final farewell to a non-religious person, which is to be arranged in order for it to fill the lack of the official part of the ceremony that usually includes numerous religious customs.

We will arrange all of the afore-mentioned types of funeral or final farewell service according to the wishes of the deceased, his or her family or relatives, and we will also help you by providing an advice or a suggestion, if necessary, always respecting your requests and religious customs. Think about the most appropriate music, such as a chamber ensemble, a cappella choir, a harph, or a trumpet. A nice way to say your final goodbye is also by engaging a professional speaker who will independently or accompanied by a guitar, read the favourite verses or remind you of the life and good deeds of the deceased in his speech.

In order for you to remember the image of the deceased, it is a common tradition to put the photograph of the deceased on display at funeral ceremonies, which we will decorate and show to the others for this purpose, while we can complete the final farewells in the crematorium with a video presentation.

Memorial cards are a nice reminder which is given to the mourners. When selecting the photograph, make sure that it shows the personality of the deceased, in his or her most characterist pose, on a happy occasion and with a recognisable smile on his or her face. We have prepared several visual solutions of memorial cards for you which can be edited additionally, and to all those who wish to have a permanent reminder we recommend a service of video recording of the funeral ceremony.

Let us know all your wishes related to the funeral ceremony or final farewell ceremony you want us to arrange for you. We will reward your trust with the understanding and a professional approach, making sure that the entire ceremony is solemn and completely in accordance with your expectations.