Write from your soul

After all, the most important thing is that your farewell speech is honest. It should be written from the soul, in one breath or composed of thoughts that have been bothering you from the moment you heard the sad news. In doing so, keep the amount of text, that is, words, in mind. Since the paper has no timer, the only way to determine the duration of your speech is to read it out loud.

We suggest that the speech does not last for more than three minutes if the decease is a family member or a friend. In case you need to make the speech at the funeral of your coworker, mentor or boss, the speech can be somewhat longer, given that the speech will then involve numerous formalities that are necessary. In fact, you should never forget that there are elders among the mourners who find it difficult to stand for a long time, that you may not be the only speaker and that the ceremony may also include other activities that require time.