Arranging the ceremony


Each person is special in his or her own way. Therefore, when he or she is not among the living anymore, we feel the need of bidding him or her goodbye according to that after which we will remember him or her. For this reason we have enlisted here several suggestions which you can use in order to make the funeral or the final farewell you are arranging unique, and which do not require a lot of effort nor money. Its symbolism will remind us of the person whose life and work have enriched our existence forever, and it will also show the special feelings we had for the deceased.


The day on which our loved one has left us forever will remain permanently in our memory, since nothing is going to be the same anymore. Except for the sad moment, this date is to be remembered for some other events which have marked it. The best way to do this is by keeping the old newspapers published on that date. Thus, you will be able to recall your memories to the smallest detail, as well as to accurately visualise the time in which the deceased lived. In the moments filled with grief or the ones of joint remembering of the deceased, reading of the news which have special meaning for you will strengthen significantly the sense of unity and help you cope with grief.


The heart which stopped beating resembles the clock the hands of which have stopped. The ancient custom of stopping the clock, and to do this for one or fo all the clocks around us in order to honour the person who died, is still present in numerous countries. The hands of the clock showing the time of death represent a symbolic detail which will commemorate each family reunion, add a touch of nobility to the post-funeral reception or simply represent our way in which to mark an important moment which has changed our life forever.


A candle with the photograph of the deceased is the most beautiful tribute we can pay to the one we say goodbye to. Pokop funeral company will therefore create completely personalised candles for you which you can use at each funeral, as well as during each visit to the eternal resting place. The only thing you need to do is to provide us the photograph of the deceased and to select the model and the colour. We will take care that candles are brought at the desired place and lit on a specific date such as birthday, anniversary or holiday, if you are not able to do so. Such candles are also an appropriate gift for all those who are close to the deceased.


In the times of modern technologies, it has become a common thing to show support to the family of the deceased by wearing a badge with the photo of the deceased. This act of sympathy one can be emphasised further by printing t-shirts that can also contain a commmorative message, besides his or her photograph. Such a way of saying goodbye and showing respect is common, particularly in cases in which the deceased had a hobby which used to connect him or her with the persons having the same interests, who will remember his friend as, let us say, a great sailor or a passionate golf player. It is also appropriate for family members to decorate their lapel with a small detail, such as badge. In creating such original reminders, Pokop funeral company will help you with design, relisation and delivery. For additional information, feel free to contact us.


A heart, cross, Croatian coat of arms (the so-called checkers) are just some of the motifs which will say the most about the deceased, as well as of ourselves. Red colour has always been used to symbolise love, and when you arrange red flowers in the form of a heart the message assumes a still stronger meaning. The cross, on the other side, says something about our faith, about meeting our Lord, and due to its universality, it represents an appropriate decoration at various places. Those who during their life used to be closely connected to their country in a special way, such as war veterans, prominent statesmen or patriots who wore their homeland in their hearts even in foreign countries, will have their catafalque decorated with red and white checkers typical of the Croatian coat of arms. If you wish to express some other symbolism with flowers, please do not hesitate to contact us in order for us to be able to find what best suits the personality of the deceased and your wishes.


Events are part of our life, with photographs being the witnesses of them, pieces of the mosaic that will tell the story of your life when brought together into a single piece. We recommend, therefore, to put them together chronologically, or in some other way, into a unique video as a permanent reminder of the person who is not with us anymore. With this form of an original life story which can be accompanied by various type of music performed, recited verses or some other form of audio material in the background, you will be able to recall the life path of the deceased, and share it with everyone you want. Pokop funeral company provides the service of producing photo and video materials, the recording of the funeral, post-funeral reception and memorial service on the camera etc. In this way we can produce the most appropriate materials for specific purposes, such as the presentation at commemorative services and memorial gathering. We adjust material formats to the purpose and we deliver them also in the form appropriate for them to be sent by Internet. We will also translate the entire spoken and written content and put it as subtitles in order for your family members and friends to be able to view it in different parts of the world.


The words which have remained unspoken have remained stuck in our throat upon the receiving of the sad news, knowing that your interlocutor has left us. However, this does not mean that you do not have the last opportunity to say what you have been trying to say for such a long time, what was understood, but has never been uttered. Love, acknowledgement and admiration are just some of the emotions that you need to show. Express yourself through a farewell speech that you can read for yourself later. Those who are skilled writers will write it on their own, and everyone else who feels that it would be a better idea that this highly sensitive and demanding task is taken on by a professional can feel free to contact us. Through our firm, Pokop, you can also hire someone who will read the speech out loud, and our verified associates can, instead of reading the farewell speech, improve the ceremony by also reciting the verses you have chosen.


Upon the death of one person, a new one will be born if you plant a tree on behalf of the deceased. The choice of seedlings, as well as of the place where the seedlings are to be planted completely depends on you. You can choose the favourite place of the deceased, a tree the flowers, fruits or scent of which reminds you of him or her, and sometimes it is enough to plant any sprout where the deceased liked to spend his or her time. By caring for the seedling, you will also cherish the memory of him or her and each view of the plant you have planted in his or her honour will give you additional strength. The very planting of a tree can be a part of the post-funeral reception or commemorative gathering, as well as a reason for a new gathering.


When someone leaves this world, it is good to mark his or her departure by a symbolic release of paper lanterns up in the sky or paper boats into the river or the sea. This special event will be more intimate if you add your personal touch to it by a message or a verse you will write on them. Contact POKOP funeral company if you wish to integrate this activity into the funeral ceremony or as part of the post-funeral reception. For those who prefer a traditional service, we recommend releasing a white dove.