Post-cremation services

Cremation Protocol

The cremation protocol includes preliminary activities, such as arranging funeral or final farewell service details, the ceremony carried out in the Crematorium at the Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb, placing of the urn or scattering the ashes or their storage until the conditions are created for its placement. After the family or friends of the deceased opt for cremation, they will be offered a possibility to separate a small part of the ashes in order for them to keep them at their home or to store them at a place which is special to them. For this purpose, a memorial urn is to be selected which will fit best into your space and lifestyle.

You can find these discreetly designed containers which will make a part of your loved ones remain with you forever in our memorial urn offer. All our models were designed in compliance with the top international aesthetic and hygiene standards, and they will meet the needs of the ones looking for a decorative urn, as well as of the ones who need a practical and light memorial urn in which the ashes of the loved ones is to be transported in an easy way and, if necessary, arrive safely into the hometown of the deceased possibly located on the opposite side of the world.

Following the cremation ceremony, the personnel of the Crematorium or the ones of POKOP funeral company will hand it to you after the most of the ashes had been placed into the basic urn. This procedure is regulated by law, as well as the required elements in the main (basic) urn. Relevant dana include the following: name and surname of the deceased, his or her date and year of birth, his or her date and year of death, together with the registration number on the outer lid. The cremation registration number is written on a separate plate inside, and it is intended for the identification in case the inscription gets damaged.

The ashes in the main urn can be:


  • in the urn case at the cemetery
  • in the family grave or tomb
  • in Gaj urni (the grove containing urns) within the Crematorium at the Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb


  • accross Sunčana poljana (Sunny Field) located at Mirogoj cemetery


  • in the Crematorium of the Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb until the conditions are created for its placement
  • within the funeral centre, with the funeral service provider.

Keeping the main urn is intended for those who are about to find the final resting place for their family member or friend. This demanding task does not need to be long-lasting or tedious for you if you engage professionals. By letting the experts of POKOP funeral company perform the entire procedure you can rest assured that the solution found will fit best into your budget and meet your needs, owing to our highly specialised legal team that knows the market very well.

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