Together forever

Where the eternal home is...

Although it sometimes seems that at this moment our entire world has collapsed, since the person without whom we cannot imagine our life has closed his or her eyes forever, there are lots of things that will continue to connect us inextricably, regardless of the fact that this person is not with us anymore. Whether the sad event has occurred suddenly or we have been aware of the fact that the end is approaching, parting always comes too fast.

Not many people take the time during their life to take care of all the details related to their eternal abode, that is why it is often up to us to bring a number of decisions in a very short time period. As if sorrow and pain were not enough, we are suddenly faced with a full range of administrative and organisational tasks that need to be done. POKOP is here for you in these most difficult moments of your life, when you need support and a reliable partner you can trust.

Our experts will procure products or services instead of you, give you the best advice and help you with planning and arranging the funeral and post-funeral reception, and we will also be here for you after the ceremony. The decoration of the graves on a regular basis or only on important dates, as well as the delivery of flowers and wreaths are just a small part of the services that we can do for you according to the highest standards and discretion.

Even when it comes to unusual situations or wishes, we are able to make them come true in the shortest period of time owing to our years of experience. In this way we we will make sure that the remains of your beloved are buried on their native soil and take care that the deceased is transported into any other country or place. Our legal team will assist you in purchasing and obtaining a grave or tomb, while we take care of the rights to a burial. You can entrust us with taking care of everything related to the funeral ceremony, which also includes the organisation of the funeral mass, writing and reading of the farewell speech and the development of appropriate photos. For further information on our offer, please visit our web site and read about OUR OFFER.

Let us make your most difficult moments easier and ensure a worthy farewell for your beloved ones.