Home Is Where Heart Is

There is no such thing as the right time or place to receive the news of our loved one having left us forever. Some things are simply difficult. Sometimes it is allowed to break down. Although we are rational beings, at that moment everything seems unreal. Our world is collapsing, and we are looking for reasons, rasing questions, seeking answers we do not have, hoping nothing is as it seems. Although it is of no great importance where we are at the moment we receive the sad news, everything is much harder when we are far away; away from our homeland, our family and friends, and the mourners to whom we wish to extend our condolences and ease the pain.

It is important to know that regardless of the situation in which you find yourself, distance does not represent an obstacle. The deceased will be buried in his or her homeland, and your wreath with a personalised message will decorate his or her final resting place. If you are not able to attend the funeral, we will arrange the entire ceremony for you, as well as the post-funeral reception and memorial service, and light a candle or read the farewell speech, making sure that a selected song is played in honour of the deceased. All the acrivities performed can be recorded with a photographic or a video camera, and you can let us take care of all further activities related to the final resting place in order for it to reflect permanently your love regardless of where you are.

Pokop funeral company is able to arrange the transport of the remains from any country in the world into Croatia, as well as the opposite, taking care of all the paperwork. If necessary, we will assume the task of arranging even the smallest details, such as purchasing the grave, as well as of printing and pasting of obituaries, in order for the deceased who has left his or her home a long time ago to be buried, welcomed by the warmth of his or her homeland.

We invite you to visit the website with our offer and choose the service which best suits your taste and the personality of the deceased. In case taht among the products and services which are being offered you cannot find something for yourself, feel free to contact us. Following your instructions, we will transform your vision into action.