Tradition and customs

Death is an integral part of life, but unlike numerous other events that occur during our lifetime, it always contains a big dose of mystery, mysticism and spiituality in general, which follows our path towards the other world. Different cultures have different attitudes towards this issue which is reflected in an entire range of funeral and posthumous customs, conditioned by specific belifs into the afterlife, as well as other factors such as the climate and historical circumstances. Differences can be spotted even on a very small territory, such as Croatia due to its unique geographical location, where the Mediterranean, Dinaric and Panonian cultures are intertwined.

In this text you will find some interesting traditions and customs cherished for centuries on our territory, with the most of them being considered mere superstition.

For further information on contemporary Catholic, Christian Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish recommendations and regulations on the procedure regarding the handling of the remains, the very ceremony and posthumous service, please visit the separate topic section on our website.